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Over 25 Years In Technology

  • website development
  • database development
  • project management
  • training
  • networking
  • hardware
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  • e-commerce
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Jeremy Preston
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Toshiba Master Technician
  • Compaq Systems Technologies
  • Compaq Certified Rack Installer
  • NRI School Of Electronics

I have managed programmers, designers, and technicians in many different countries and I have worked on thousands of hardware, software, networking and web projects for many different industries. I've managed a network of hundreds of thousands of Internet clients in 37 countries single-handedly, travelling across the US and abroad installing T1s, E1s and more. I have personally conducted seminars to hundreds of Internet Service Provider business owners on all of the technical aspects of running an Internet access business including technical support structure and strategies. I've also written Windows software supporting multiple languages to help ISPs by provding fast and error free Internet service sign-ups and time limited access.

Although I have diverse experience, for over fifteen years I have been focusing on web development and in that time I have designed and coded not just simple websites but complex online business solutions for many industries such as online retail, real estate, and many of the top automotive manufacturers in the US. I've consulted with businesses to provide full-service automated turn-key systems tailored to their needs. I have also had the pleasure of architecting an enterpise scale MVC CMS from scratch for a nationwide corporation.

These are actually just a few of the highlights- I've done many things and I've been many places during my 25+ years in the tech sector.


Although I'm best known these days for programming fortune 500 web systems, I've also spent many years designing commercial websites for diverse clients in all manner of industry. In building their websites I often developed new and realized corporate identinties through my proven business strategy of not charging for my work if I can't find a design you like. For each design you see here, an average of three to five original designs were provided to the client, free of charge. This process resulted in never losing a customer, and gaining the not insignificant experience of creating hundreds of designs over time- and then also building them out to spec.

Here is a small sample of designs that I have created for clients in the past. If these designs look 10 years old, that's because they are at least that old:

Professional Experience

I have many years experience working in the Internet and technology sectors, including much management experience leading teams of technicians in network operations, web development, technical support, and even computer hardware field repair and provisioning. I have also taught seminars to Internet business owners around the world and written software used in the ISP industy. My reputation as an employee is that I always exceed my employer's expectations.

I truly enjoy my career in technology and would choose no other path for myself professionally. Thank you for viewing my web site, and I hope to hear from you soon about your technology projects.

  • Accenture Interactive
  • 2018 – Present
Culver City, Ca
+Senior Web Developer
  • Windows and Microsoft Office software development with Visual Studio 2018
Culver City, Ca
+Senior UI Developer
  • Development of online interactive advertising campaigns and system functionality in support of leading corporations such as Honda, Acura, Ford, and Lincoln.
  • Specializing in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and supporting various technologies such as Angular and platforms and APIs as required
  • Responsive design and programming for full spectrum dektop and mobile devices
  • Interface with back end Java and .Net engineers for business requirement solutions
  • A B test engineering with tools like Optimizely

Focusing on interactive development, Genex(MXM) was a subsidiary of Meredith Corporation- a publicly traded multi-billion dollar publishing, broadcasting and interactive enterprise founded in 1902. Genex/MXM has been rated in the top 50 agencies in the nation, and caters to the most exclusive clientele in the industry including Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Kraft, Cessna and many more.

Long Beach, CA
+Front-End Developer
  • Cutting edge, standards and best-practices based web programming in PHP and Javascript for Fortune 500 corporations including Nissan Infiniti Europe and global web sites, DirecTV and VCA Animal Hospitals nationwide
  • Co-creator, developer and core architect of Designory's custom CMS product which currently supports in excess of 500 individual web sites under a single administration interface including corporate approval process workflows for VCA Animal Hospitals (http://www.vcahospitals.com/) and specialty hospitals (http://www.vcaspecialtyvets.com/).

    All web sites are simultaneously locally and corporate controlled according to each location's unique needs. The simple logic by which this works is an extremely efficient and powerful base philosophy and structure with an incredibly low amount of overhead processing required. Corporate administrators can group all locations by any criteria for promotions or news for example, in order to maximize fine control and streamline processes. A single source of logic processes all page views and delivers the appropriate content in the form of what appears to be a static HTML page, but it is actually a completely dynamic, data-driven MVC application controlled in real-time by thousands of veterinarians and employees across the United States and Canada.

  • Direct experience developing with Day Communique 4 (Day CQ), enterprise-level CMS on Nissan Infiniti global web sites, with exposure to Communique 5 and Akamai cacheing systems
  • Javascript devlopment with JQuery and DOM script programming using semantic and unobtrusive methodologies
  • MYSQL database architecture, administration, implementation and maintenance
  • Support of The Designory's New Business acquisition team & floating project resource
  • Some Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) experience
In business for over 25 years, The Designory is a well-known and respected traditional and digital marketing company which primarily caters to high-end clientele such as Nissan, Subaru, Audi, Bosch, Southern California Edison and many more brands, top movies, and names that you know. The Designory has consistently stood out from it's contemporaries with it's photographic and printing divisions, and has made an industry impact with it's innovative web and interactive division.
  • Park Terrace Properties/Quikzilla/CompDealUSA
  • 2005 – 2007
Brooklyn, NY
+Director Of Web Services/Web & Database Developer
  • Complete management, administration and requisition of custom specification, dedicated, outsourced Linux Fedora Core 4 servers with Apache web server software, CPanel and other web hosting applications, Cisco network segregation security (firewall routers)- and all related responsibilities including granting/revoking passwords, clients, software, backups, email, etc. using premium level RackSpace hosting and other high-profile, personally selected and managed hosting solutions
  • Project manager of on average 10-20 outsourced web programmers, designers and Flash/Java game programmers from various countries, developing approximately 100 web sites concurrently
  • Full spectrum web/database programming in PHP/MYSQL environment, utilizing the full range of techniques and technologies including Flash 4, Javascript, and CSS
  • Management of all DNS records, A records, mail records, etc- for all 100+ websites
  • Management of all outsourced technology companies
  • Well versed in web site speed optimization, search engine strategies, E-Commerce- all aspects of web development
  • Development & management of multiple custom real estate MLS IDX data feeds & related web sites
  • Primary technical advisor to CEO, 24x7 availability
Park Terrace Properties was a successful real estate firm in New York with many offices throughout the state and headquartered in Brooklyn. It's owner was a multi-national entrepreneur and was also the founder of many bold Internet ventures. I performed full spectrum web/database programming in a PHP/MYSQL environment, utilizing all the latest techniques and technologies, including Flash, JavaScript, and CSS to develop, administrate and manage his more than 100 web sites, portals and services concurrently, with a team of 20-30 outsourced developers in multiple countries.
Click To View
Click to view a Park Terrace television commercial for our Florida expansion, featuring web services that I created
  • Spiderbox Networks/Quik-E, Inc.
  • 2002 – 2005
Manhattan, NY
+Director Of Web Services/Web & Database Developer
  • Custom full-service online MYSQL database and systems planning, development and programming in PHP based on client needs analysis. Specializing in complete and independent, fully automatic Internet based business solutions
  • UNIX/LINUX remote administration with Apache web servers on Cobalt Raq appliances
  • Custom designed full-spectrum e-commerce solutions under vendor specifications such as Authorize.net, Innovative Gateway and various other online merchant services
  • Intimately familiar with most all popular web-development tools and disciplines, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Imageready,Flash, Fireworks, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and many others
  • Generation of all web site documentation, marketing copy & online marketing strategies for all clients, company-wide
  • Business web-presence, online business plan and marketing strategy development
  • Professional graphic design & photography
Spiderbox Networks is a full-service Internet Provider/Web Host and consulting firm with offices in New York, California and Florida. I was responsible for end-to-end project consultation, analysis, management, execution and completion of all web projects company-wide, for small and medium-sized businesses in hundreds of industries with unique and varied requirements. I also named the company, determined it's mission statement/business plan and developed it's brand and identity, it's product packages, and many other things.
  • Quik Internet (Quik International)
  • 1998 – 2002
Costa Mesa, CA
+Director Of Network Operations & Technical Support
  • Independently and completely responsible for all network design, engineering, planning, network/hardware resource management, and support globally for entire Quik Internet franchise organization with approximately 300 locations on average, in over 21 countries including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, New Zealand, England, and Australia
  • Full and ultimate responsibility for configuration, installation, and management of all network devices & network connectivity for all locations worldwide, including hardware such as Cisco 7206 VXR series specially enhanced ISP backbone routers, Lucent Portmaster series routers, Cyclades and others, as well as switching devices (various Cisco Catalyst series) from out-of-the-box to live-and-in-use
  • Total number of routers, switches and other hardware (network hubs and CSU/DSU for example) exceed 2000 network devices concurrently, usually managed and documented single-handedly and at other times with limited handpicked and personally trained support staff of 1-4 technicians
  • Full and ultimate responsibility for planning, activation/deactivation, bandwidth control and full-spectrum management of all Internet access and network circuits in the US and abroad, in excess of 300 frame-relay, PPP or other types of T1 Internet access lines on average. Typical access lines support 100-1200 active clients concurrently for Internet services at all times in various and respective countries. Much experience with Visio and other software suites for design, documentation and monitoring
  • 24/7 Availability for emergency response, critical diagnosis, troubleshooting and remote management of company owned network routers, switches and Internet access lines for all countries
  • Single-handedly responsible for large-scale T1 migrations of live circuits (in excess of 60 circuits in one migration) between vendors such as QWEST, Sprint, Worldcom, and others averaging 1-3 completed time-critical circuit migrations per day with virtually 0% technical failure
  • Maintain global IP address database and all IP address allocation- ultimately responsible for all IP address management, planning and delegation in all countries- with multiple Class C networks and smaller. Assign and document all IP network ranges globally in all countries- often requiring dividing blocks of Class C networks into smaller ranges for deployment
  • Configuration and maintenance of all network protocols and network redundancy strategies company wide, including autonomous system configuration and interaction with Internet backbone provider over BGP. I have configured redundant, fault-tolerant networks utilizing OSPF on Cisco routers, and have configured RIP and EIGRP
  • Local and international network data traffic analysis, reporting and troubleshooting
  • Global travel for installation of WAN equipment, Internet access lines, servers and other networking hardware, and on-site training seminars. I have installed many different types of routers, T1s, E1s and related connectivity equipment in countries such as Mexico and Honduras, as well as in nearly half the cities in the US, working in conjunction with local telco services with full corporate authority and responsibility. Installations typically were accompanied by on-site training seminars to classes of local support technicians on various related subjects, sometimes requiring language translation
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot various Internet related connection and services problems, ranging from 56k modem troubleshooting (end user) to critical and large-scale core backbone routers (Cisco 7206 VXR and smaller) and other LAN/WAN equipment utilizing various protocols and technologies including ISDN and satellite broadband. Responsible for ultimate resolution of any network problem or connectivity issue, globally
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot web and mail server, customer account and programming problems including HTTP server configurations, custom CGI web programming, JAVA, MS FrontPage, FTP and many more in a UNIX AIX/LINUX Apache Web Server environment on IBM RS/6000 hardware
  • UNIX AIX/LINUX systems administration, programming and troubleshooting 
  • Monitor systems for professional spammers and hacking- tracing of all offenders and time-critical deactivation of service or other actions as necessary, such as modifying access-control lists to deny access
  • Primary (only) liaison between Quik Internet and router/switch hardware vendors such as Cisco, Lucent and Cyclades. Research, negotiate, purchase and maintain critical support contracts with all network hardware vendors for emergency repair, troubleshooting, and all warranty requirements and documentation
  • Black hole list monitoring and resolution- main liaison for inter-ISP communications and issue resolution (webmaster@quik.com, abuse@quik.com, etc.)
  • Internet crime research & investigation in association with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs and various other law enforcement agencies, based on court subpoenas, etc. Assisted in providing evidence resulting in several convictions of Internet crime offenders
  • Responsible for virus emergency response and prevention company-wide at all levels
  • Responsible for all security related training and documentation, from CEO to end-user
  • Third-level (highest level) technical support for all locations and end-users, worldwide (end-of-chain director of services)
  • Responsible for all technical support, technical training and technical documentation, including parent-company training materials and end-user documentation, for all official Quik Internet franchises worldwide. Business tool analysis, documentation, training and online deployment via custom personally designed web services
  • Development and deployment of all technical support strategies company-wide at all levels from CEO to end-user
  • Recruit, train and manage all second-level help desk employees
  • Teach, lecture and test classes of 30-60 international entrepreneurial franchise owners and operators on a regular basis, on such topics as E-commerce, Internet security, franchise technical operations and other Internet related technical topics in sets of two eight-hour seminars. Training delivered in personally built LANs, with immediate interactive testing strategies and evaluation tools
  • Design and maintenance of global corporate technical support web site and help desk trouble-reporting systems and procedures
  • I have personally designed, programmed and developed ISP software used by technical support representatives world-wide (and in all languages) which manages installations and custom configurations of all ISP Internet services for the PC platform on Windows 95, 98, Millennium, 2000 and XP. Fully-automatic and highly configurable software was used by field technicians to configure PCs for Internet Access and any related services such as local access numbers, email, and other services with push-button ease to accelerate installation, troubleshoot and customize as well as reduce errors of lightly trained staff on-site
  • Custom design, programming and development of all PC software for global customer acquisition and services, supporting multiple languages to be distributed in the United States and foreign countries in Visual BASIC (4,5 & 6). Software works in conjunction with (controls) MS Internet Explorer Administration kit (IEAK) to support full-spectrum customer acquisition strategies such as pre-paid Internet access and custom ISP location based Internet access CD generation, for remote and independent franchise use
  • Software distribution with Installshield, WinZip Self-Extractor and HTML Executable for indexed help documentation. Some SourceSafe experience
  • Evaluation and training on various technologies and products such as VOIP devices
Quik was mentioned in Wired Magazine on more than one occasion. Here is a mention I found in the online archive from 1999
Started in 1996, Quik Internet has been listed over 140 times on Entrepreneur’s 2000 Franchise 500 and has been listed on Success Magazine’s 2000 Franchise Gold 200. Mr. Jack Reynolds, President of Quik International, has been written about multiple times in Wired Magazine and between 1999 and 2002 Quik Internet was also repeatedly rated between 1 and 3 of the most successful Internet-services based franchise businesses in the world.

From the company’s first official technical support representative, over a few years I ascended responsibility to managing a team of support personnel and simultaneously being primary network technician, technical trainer, and technical support director for the parent company and hence all locations worldwide.

In 2000, IBM featured only three companies for this full page ad out of 150,000companies using their 'Magic Box' RS/6000 servers in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal— one of them was Quik Internet.
  • 1997 – 1999
Santa Monica, CA
+Messaging Software Support & Integration Engineer
  • High-level contract-based technical support for clientele such as the FBI, CIA, Australian Navy, Viacom and Qualcomm among others for all versions of ISOCOR N-Plex messaging gateway software
  • Detailed integration, analysis and troubleshooting of all common messaging protocols and software including POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, X400, CC:Mail, Microsoft Mail, MS Exchange, and others on multiple platforms
  • Engineering and troubleshooting of enterprise directory software (LDAP) and directory integration solutions for fortune 1000 corporations
ISOCOR was awarded Internet Product Of The Year (Messaging Category), in 1999 by Network Magazine for N-Plex Connect 1.0, which was released early in 1998- part of a host of unique enterprise messaging and directory solutions,focusing on large-scale LAN/WAN implementations and configurations.

From bomara.com:

"N-PLEX Hub is ISOCOR’s high performance, multiport gateway solution for interconnecting common e-mail and messaging systems within an organization. N-PLEX Hubs also interconnect across local or wide area networks to provide a transparent, controlled and distributed solution for large orgasnizations. They may also be used individuatlly for medium-sized business. In both cases, full remote installation, configuration and monitoring can be maintained from a central site via N-PLEX Hub’s integrated Management Center. As part of the N-PLEX family of products, N-PLEX Hub can also be integrated with Internet or X.400 message servers as well as many other ISOCOR and third party products to provide a complete solution for most messaging problems."
  • Entex Information Services/20th Century FOX
  • 1995 – 1997
Los Angeles, CA
+Team Manager/Field Technician
  • Managed IT acquisition services and installation team of 3-5 field technicians, supporting over 2,000 employees and clientele of 20th Century FOX studios in Santa Monica, CA
  • Full security clearance and access to all 20th Century FOX data centers and offices, including on and off-site umbrella corporations (such as FOX Searchlight Pictures, FOX Interactive, FX TV Channel Offices, and others)
  • Maintained Entex corporate database for all 20th Century FOX, Santa Monica desktop and laptop upgrades and installations, company-wide
  • Solely responsible for hundreds of PC, laptop and server configurations, installations and upgrades of hardware, software and network connectivity, as well as troubleshooting and repair. System configuration imaging using Ghost software and custom hardware configurations on Toshiba, Compaq, IBM, NEC, DEC, Apple and more
  • Performed 100% of all 20th Century FOX Compaq Server maintenance and upgrades during tenure, after certification, including critical emergency response. I have personally recovered failing RAID configurations on 20th Century FOX Compaq enterprise servers, for example- at request of FOX’s own internal IT personnel
  • Maintained 97% turnaround rate for order-to-desktop delivery of custom computer configurations (a near record for this Entex contract location)
  • High-profile technical support to Murdoch family FOX executives, director James Cameron and other contractually high-risk personalities
Entex was a multi-billion dollar IT service corporation who's CEO was the legendary Mr. John McKenna (now CEO of ConvergeOne). Entex was merged with Siemens to become one of the top IT service providers in North America, and eventually was sold to Capitol Group. I managed a team of 3-5 field technicians, supporting over 2,000 employees and clientele of 20th Century FOX Studios in Santa Monica, CA.
  • Intelligent Data Network Solutions
  • 1993 – 1995
Seal Beach, CA
+ Network Administrator, Business Consultant
  • Designed, implemented and supported integrated computer systems and computer networks (LAN) for client corporations of various industries
  • Implemented T1 leased line WAN solutions for remote corporate divisions
  • Designed and implemented internet/intranet solutions
  • Maintained and supported inventory database tracking and control systems for government agencies, including the LA Harbor in Long Beach
  • Converted NetWare based networks to Windows NT based client management
  • Hardware troubleshooting, repair and custom configuration
  • MS Access Database design and deployment
  • Custom small to medium-scale (200+ node) network wiring (Cat-5) and testing

IDNS was an IT services company that had a few government and large business contracts in California. I began at IDNS by programming and supporting barcode equipment and software for the Port Of LA in Long Beach- administering networks for them and dealing with things like FoxPro and MS Access databases. I designed, implemented and supported LANs and WANs for client corporations across Southern California, usually consisting of Ethernet or legacy Token Ring and LanTastic networks.

I cut/ran and tested cat5 cabling with my own extensive toolset and diagnostic equipment. I consulted corporations, performed off-site SQL tape backups in data centers in Irvine, and I specialized in converting Novell Netware servers to Windows NT. I was also expert at installing and administering products like Microsoft Back Office Server Suite, MS Exchange Server, MS Internet Information Server (IIS), and many other products Microsoft sold- as IDNS was a Microsoft Solutions Provider and authorized VAR. I often built or managed outsourced teams of builders of custom PC systems for our client corporations.

  • WC Solutions, LLC
  • 1992 – 1993
Seal Beach, CA
+Database Engineer — Data-entry
  • Engineered and maintained Microsoft Access database solutions for the healthcare industry
  • Data-entry, data storage & conversion

WC Solutions' software was a subscription service which provided current insurance claims compensation amounts to health care industry professionals. They initially hired me for data-entry, because I was a moderately fast data-entry person- having taken two years of typing class in high-school. The data would come from several sources- some paper and some in the form of Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, etc. Later I started engineering MS Access databases for their Visual Basic software to interface with.