You need an online presence that attracts attention and reflects your professional image to the world. Let your competition blend into the crowd- you will stand apart with ingenuity and innovation in the new marketplace.

Most paths to success can be measured in carefull steps...

Your technology projects require experience and navigation in order to attain your company's goals. You want a seasoned professional who is dedicated to the task and understands your business needs.

I started programming when I was 8 years old- around 1980, and I've been writing HTML since the first HTML editors-HotDog and HotMeTaL were popular. When Compuserve closed I still had an account, and I was making online virtual offices before we had bandwidth for such things. I have managed programmers, designers, and technicians in many different countries and I have worked on thousands of hardware, software, networking and web projects for hundreds of industries. I have also personally instructed Internet Service Providers across the world how to run their businesses.

Web system design/programming is just one thing that I can do for you.

"Sometimes the only difference between you and your competition is your web site."